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————— Overture Combos —————

Cards Used Description
Sapper Squad & Bion Cell Drone New! Submitted by Dave Schmidt (Black-Knight). The Bion Cell Drone is a great defender: everytime it dies, it splits into 2 smaller Bions. Pair the Drone with the Sapper Squad to have a constant flow of seven +12 firepower defenders.
AP Mine, Sapper Squad & FUS Command Baton New! Submitted by Craig Maszer (C¥ KØ) and Benoit Lafleur (Doppelganger). OK, so my old AP mine combo sucked. Well, here's one that rocks! AP Mine is FUS (duh) so use the Baton to cheaply get it back to your hand for re-use. Maximize its time in play by using the Sapper Squad on it to increase the firepower to (gulp) 24! Now THAT'S a blocker!
Howling Wolf & Powered Battlesuit New! Submitted by Craig Maszer (C¥ KØ). Howling Wolf is a 10 firepower when attacking, but its armor gets reduced to a lowly 2. Suit that sucker in a Powered Battlesuit to raise the armor to a much safer 8, AND have the ability to return it to your hand for 1 military.
Warrior Hunome & XR8 Heavy Rifle New! Submitted by Craig Maszer (C¥ KØ). Warrior Hunone is bad enough, what with it's ability to attack twice per turn. Make people really mad at you by equipping the XR8 Heavy Rifle. Now, the Warrior's firepower is at least 8, and, if the blocker's armor is 7 or higher, it's 14!
Field Tech Trooper & Salvaged Golem New! Submitted by David M Noelle (Straylight). Per David: "DO NOT put Salvaged Golem and Field Tech Trooper in the same city. The Golem will kill the Trooper pretty quickly. Instead, put a trooper in each adjacent city, so that if the Golem wanders away, the Trooper can untap him so you can move him back into the target city. I've nicknamed this the "Golem Herder" combo. If your opponent runs Tetsujin's Infinite Loop on the Golem, THEN move the Troopers in to untap him so he can attack normally without the random actions. Or you can even run Infinite Loop on him yourself, especially if you have enough Troopers in play to make him attack more than once per turn."
Stadtmauer Infiltrator & Braque New! Submitted by Benoit Lafleur (Doppelganger). Create a HQ assault by giving the Infiltrator (can't be blocked by immobile assets) Sabotage & Anti-Terrorism with Braque. Now, he's *incredibly* hard to block. Cranial Tutor:Sabotage and also be used by those of us with out the "Very Rare" Braque.
DNA Scanner & Field Surgery Hospital Field Surgery Hospital is great, kinda like a Cut & Patch Kit for ALL your assets. Unfortunately you need a few assets in the Body Bank to use it. The DNA scanner is great for this, adding all your, and your *opponent's* asssets that are killed to your Body Bank. You'll have plenty to go around.
Siphon 3 & R&D Network Keep your opponent's hand stuffed with R&D Network (all players draw an additional card each turn), then run Siphon 3 (Each turn, if your opponent has more than 4 cards in hand, he loses 1/1/1, and you gain a random resouce point) and watch your opponent try to lose all o' them cards!
DNA Scanner & Cadaver Experiments Use the DNA Scanner to fill up your Body bank, then use the Cadaver Experiments to get a pant-load of resource points.
ComForce Spotter & Tinker Hornet ComForce Spotter can increase a target asset's power by +X, where X is his perception. Why not increase the Spotter's perception by +4 (for a total of 7) with Tinker Hornet?
Deportation & Metabolic Bomb Metabolic Bomb is still a pretty useful card (+4/+4 ain't too shabby), and now your asset isn't doomed. Just use the Bomb, attack, then bring 'em back to your hand with Deportation.
Stolen Neurolink & Path of the Monastery Path is a great card, but more often than not, you turn up empty. Make SURE you get an asset by peeking at your opponent's hand with Stolen Neurolink.
DNA Scanner & Spark of Life Boy, DNA scanner is a pretty good combo card. Here, you use it to get a clone of one of your opponent's cool creatures in your Body Bank, then Spark it into play! Now it's yours! Heeheehee!

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