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Welcome to my card combo page, Chron X'ers!  Hey, If you don't know what Chron X is, get a clue and click here
.  Suffice it to say it is a collectible card game you can play against live opponents over the internet.  It has great play mechanics, cool art and it is VERY addictive.  Do yourself a favor and try it.
Well, enough of that, on to the COMBOS!!

Oh, and by the way, to anyone sending in the combos: If you DON'T want your name/e-mail address listed, let me know. And keep them there combos a-comin'

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Cards Used Description
Hasaku Factory & Wiretap New! Submitted by Dan Gent. A nice combo if you like creating Anti-Terrorism mechs every turn! And who wouldn't...
Nakuran Assassin & Air Drop New! Submitted by Eytan Zweig. Get your Assassin ready for action with the Air Drop. "Kill any tapped (non-mech, of course) asset in the city before opponent has a chance to search..." Surprise!
Portable Launcher & Sprawl Thief Submitted by Anonymous (but he's pretty famous... ^_^). "Give Portable Launcher to an enemy asset; this will cause the asset to tap. Now steal the Portable Launcher back with Sprawl Thief.Repeat again next turn. Since this works on both Mechs and non-Mechs, it is better than just a Turem Engineer."
Orgenlegger, Spark of Life, & an Asset Killer Submitted by Xriz . "See some good Asset beign played agaisnt you you'd like to Have? Kill it and run Orgenlegger to bring it from your opponants body bank to yours, Spark of Life and it's yours. Nakuran Assassin's are very good for picking your victum, and if there just one body in his bank you'll know what card you're getting. This combo takes some time and resources to get going, but can be very aggravating for your opponent. Best to wait till you know there are some good asset bodies to have then start taking them all, I've had guys stop their attacks to hunt down the Orgenlegger because I keep stealing his dead assets like Raul when he thought he was softening me up..."
Command Bolt & Your Own Asset Submitted by Dave Schmidt (aka BlackKnight). Do ya get that sinking feeling when your Plasma Torched, Caranial-Tutored(Sabotage), Gause-Weaved, NBC Armored, Twitch Pasted, Neural Superconductored Bion Guardian gets Command Bolted by your opponent? Well, avoid this scenario by using Bolt on your Asset first! This will prevent your opponent from Bolting it again (Dave swears this works). Pretty good.
Emminent Domain & Your Own Resource Submitted by Dave Schmidt (aka BlackKnight). Need a big chunk of resource points right away? Emminent Domain a fresh (basic) resource and you'll get an injection of 15 points in a jiffy! Nifty!
Rocket Pack, Big Asset, & High Flux Nuke Submitted by Thomas Rosner. Keep the asset around to guard the Nuke. When it's time to push the button, fly it out, then fly back in & attack on a levelled battlefield. Thomas suggests Turima & Plasma Rifle for this. Kind of a mini-combo, Turima will be 15 firepower against all bases (11 + her +4 bonus). Any HQ will die in 2 turns!
Militia Machine Gunner & Gripping Hand & Nakuran Assassin Submitted by Ian Schreiber Take it away, Ian: "It's sort of a combo of the combos on your page, but I've used it for awhile... The assassin needs her target to be tapped... why not tap it for her with the Gripping Hand? Ah, but the Hand has a limitation of its own: its target must have combined Firepower+Armor less than 7. What to do? How about reducing the target's Firepower by 4 with the Gunner, allowing you to assassinate any target with combined Firepower+Armor less than 11!"
Grid Shaman & Tetsujin's Armor Rust Submitted by Ian Schreiber Per Ian: "Not sure if this qualifies as a "combo" or not, but... Got a mean enemy asset in your city? If its armor is less than 5, Shock it. If its armor is greater than 5, Rust it."
Lohwan's Acid Rain & Lohwan's Acid Rain Submitted by Ian Schreiber Ian my man: "Destroy every non-HQ base (except your own PreFab Fortresses :) in the entire world! Don't forget to keep a few bases of your own in your hand"
Anceph Warrior(s) & Tomb of the 9th Master Submitted by Atomic_Bomb (Atomic sent a whole slew of combos for all to enjoy. Thanks, Atomic!). Anceph Warriors are bad enough. 8/8 for 4 Cyber is almost too good. Well, howzabout virtually unblockable Warriors? Just tap the Tomb, and ALL your Warriors (as well as your other Monastery assets) are equipped with the Mark of Gaia, meaning they can only be blocked by mechanical assets. The downside? If the Tomb is destroyed, so are all your Monastery assets. But who cares when your opponent will be defeated in a matter of turns (you hope...)?
Brother Benedict & Concussion Grenade Submitted by Atomic_Bomb. In the words of Atomic: "make brotha go into enemy HQ, untap next turn, BAM concussion and u get 18 H/P off.. or equip with booster and you'll win in 2 turns, without being blocked." This works because the Grenade doesn't affect assets with armor greater than 7, and brotha man's armor is 8. Nice.
Brother Benedict & Cut & Patch kit Submitted by Atomic_Bomb. Brother Benedict not powerful enough you say? Just kidding. Make him basically unkillable with the Cut & Patch kit. The card says that he can only attack alone. WHO CARES? With the C&P kit, he's all you'll need. Just about the only way outta this one is to have a regenerating blocker or to use an anti-asset card.
Gaean Crusader & Titanium Skeleton Submitted by Atomic_Bomb. Speaking of Cut & Patch Kit, here's a guy who's got it built in: Gaean Crusader. Slap a Titanium Skeleton on him (all damage done to him is reduced to 1), and he'll be around for a LONG time.
Von Neumann Demon(s) & Hasaku Factory Submitted by Atomic_Bomb. O boy. Lookee here: Ya got yer resource that makes little mechanical assets, right? And then ya got yer asset that likes to eat dead mechanical assets and make new ones, right? Can you say, "swarm?" This one will have your opponent WISHING for that concede button.
Bion Guardian & Boland's Expert System Submitted by Atomic_Bomb. Arguably, the best blocker in the game is the Bion Guardian with his regeneration ability. Only problem is, he can't block assets with Sabotage. Enter Boland's Expert System. Now he can block them, AND he can even block those Rauls with UN Command Orders. Very good.
Nakuran Sniper or Assassin & Gauze Weavers, Hasaku Skull Gun & Mimetic Armor Submitted by Atomic_Bomb. People just looove them Nakuran twins. Here's a way to keep them undetected by EVERYTHING. These 3 cards raise their stealth to 9! Even the BioMech Raptor, with the highest perception in the game, 8, cant detect this combo without some gear of his own. Whoa.
Codeslinger & Scorpion Claws Submitted by Atomic_Bomb. This combo is kinda like having an assassin that your opponent can see coming (again & again & again...). Scorpion Claws may only last one turn, but that doesn't mean one *attack*!...
Corporate Plunder & Black Out Submitted by Atomic_Bomb. Ouch. Destroy all the resource points you and your opponent have accumulated and then Black Out his Headquarters. This will SEVERELY cut down your opponent's ability to do, well, anything. In the right conditions, this will create a lock. Powerful.
Codeslinger, Insomnia, & a big asset Submitted by Atomic_Bomb. That Codeslinger is a popular guy here. I guess an asset that can untap himself is very combo-friendly. Anyhoo, Get him & a big asset out with 2 or 3 Insomnias in hand. Have Codeslinger keep untapping your asset with Insomnia after he attacks, and keep attacking! Your opponent won't see THIS coming...
High Flux Nuke & Peace Conference Submitted by Philip Cohen (aka "General Tiberius"). Wanna nuke the competition, but your afraid your Nuke will bite the dust before it has the chance to do the deed? Declare peace! The opponent's assets can still run away, but your Nuke will stay healthy, and Peace conference affects a lot of those big assets that Concussion Grenade doesn't.
Metabolic Bomb & Peace Conference Submitted by Alexander Willis. Metabolic Bomb is great for taking out opponent's assets, but you ususally gotta deal with that final attack at +4/+4. What to do? Toss out a Peace conference! All that asset an do is stand still and go coo-coo before he kicks the bucket!
Codeslinger, Booster, Flaked Micro Explosive, and Neural Superconductor Submitted by Jason Prince (aka "Corrundum." He gives credit to "Argent" for this one). Flaked Micro Explosive & Booster don't lose any effectiveness until the end of the turn. Since Codeslinger can untap & attack multiple times per turn, the temporary effects gained by this gear don't seem so "temporary" anymore! Throw in a Neural Superconductor to give him first strike, and he'll be able to take out multiple blockers and live to tell the tale. I LIKE this one!
Urdan Martyr & Death Curse Bomb The poor martyr can take but one life with his own. Or can he? Put the D.C.B. on him and death ain’t so bad after all!
Scatter Hack & Sanitation Op. Scatter them pesky assets, then turn on the nerve gas in the city where most of ‘em ended up! You won’t be able to enter that city, but who cares when there’s nothing important in it (except dead bodies, that is).
Concussion Grenade Strike & High Flux Nuke Ah, an oldie but a goodie. Pin ‘em down and blow ‘em sky high.
Urdan Martyr & Regeneration Tank Nothing worse than a Martyr who refuses to die.
Body Plate & Tetsujin’s Armor Rust Opponent’s got a really pesky asset? That Plasma Torched Bion Guardian getting you down? Give it Body Plate and make him tap the eternal tap. Goodnight!
Nakuran Assassin/Sniper & Dr. Gaseau Dr. Gaseau must be on the Nakuran payroll. He seems to be tailor-made for the Nakuran twins. Has sombody spotted your cold-blooded killers? In the immortal words of Kool Moe Dee: Go See The Doctor!
Codeslinger & Gripping Hand Use this untapping madman to put the squeeze on your opponents assets multiple times, with his untapping ability. Just pray he doesn’t OD...
Militia Machine Gunner & Slaver Raid Slaver Raid is a great card, but play it on, say, Brother Benedict (firepower 9) and he’ll just shrug it off. Whoa, but waitaminute! Reduce his firepower to 5 with the Machinegunner’s ability and he’ll be breaking rocks on an asteroid faster than you can say “ARRRGGHHHH!!!!”
Quantum Trance & Cranial Tutor (CyberOps) Drawing cards is pretty darn important in Chron X. Card advantage is the name of the game. The only card in Chron X that lets you draw cards is Quantum Trance. Problem is, you gotta sac an asset with Cyber Affinity greater than 5 to use it. Cranial tutor gives ANY asset a CA of 6. Presto, instant 3 cards. Add a Death curse bomb to the doomed asset for extra fun.
Corporate Plunder & H. Thalmann Come to a give-and-take stalemate late in the game? Fear a barrage of 3 or 4 7th Cavalries coming your way? Visualise all the nasty words your opponent will say when you drain him of resource points! Make sure you stockpile a couple H. Thalmanns to help you finish the job. Nasty.
Path of the Monastery & Info Junkie Coming up empty after casting Path of the Monastery is pretty frustrating, eh? Why not make SURE your opponent has an asset in hand before casting using the Info Junkie? Sure, it may take a few guesses, but you won’t be wasting a card...
Rocket Pack & Nakuran Assassin Is someone tapped out there in the world? Wanna reach out and poison someone? Well, zoom in with the Rocket Pack and Ms. Nakuran will be ready to inject that sucker.

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